The 'No Beginning' Question

We studied about God Almighty and Jesus Christ, and also explored the Co-Equality question. But how about the Co-Eternal question?
If the question is whether Jesus and God will always exist, then the answer is yes, according to the Scriptures.
But Trinitarians promote the theory that God and Jesus always existed eternally – with no beginning.

1) When we search the Scriptures, they indeed confirm this is true for God, but not for Jesus.

2) The Scriptures affirm that Jesus was ‘the beginning of the Creation of God’ (Revelation 3:14 NASB), and the ‘firstborn of every creature’ (Colossians 1:15 KJV).
Therefore, Jesus had a beginning.

3) And we do know Jesus is the Son of God. Doesn’t the term Son itself imply he must have been brought forth by the Father at some point of time?
So there must have been a time before, when God was alone.

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