Kingdom of Heaven

Why does any Christian need to learn about the Kingdom of Heaven? Why does Jesus Christ ask us to pray for a Kingdom to come upon the Earth where God's will shall be done as it is in Heaven? Isn't the Kingdom of Heaven supposed to be rather in Heaven? Jesus went about the cities and villages preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. Compared to that, what is the predominant teaching regarding the Kingdom among present-day churches?

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A Change of Age

What are the events the Bible describes as related to the first resurrection? Just as there are two resurrections, so also there are two judgments. And so how is the Bema Seat Judgment different from the White Throne Judgment? What is to happen to Satan at the beginning of the Next Age? Why does the Bible say those who wake up in the second resurrection find themselves in a "krisis"?

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Judgment Day

Those of the second resurrection wake up to a "krisis" i.e. Judgment. It is indeed Judgment Day for them. But what exactly is Judgment Day? Why do Scriptures link it to the Kingdom of God? And how long is it? Is it a 24-hour day? And why does the Bible say the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness when God's judgments come upon the Earth?

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An Age of Restoration

Why does Peter promise that when Jesus returns, it will be the Times of Restitution of All Things? He says those times are described by the Holy Prophets of the Old Testament. What are the promises recorded in the Bible about this Age of Restoration? What do these Kingdom prophecies predict regarding justice, world peace, health and prosperity of mankind? What exactly is the future that God has in store for humanity?

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