The Real 'Hells'

A Snapshot of the Real 'Hells'

Four words have been translated as hell in the Bible – Sheol, Hades, Gehenna and Tartaroo. The first one is Hebrew (Old Testament) and the rest are Greek (New Testament). Do all of these words mean the same? (At least that's what many of the English bible translations imply). Or do they mean different things?

When we refer to Hebrew and Greek dictionaries and the Bible's own descriptions of these words, we find deeper insight into their meanings. And we also get clarity on many seemingly contradictory verses in the English bibles.

Here is a snapshot of:
    1) What are the places indicated by each of those words.
    2) Who is to go into which place.
    3) The state of entities in each of those places.
    4) What can each of those entities expect in the future.
This table has been compiled based on Hebrew & Greek dictionaries and the Holy Bible.

WHAT? Grave Jerusalem waste burner;
Symbolic lake of fire;
Annihilation/second death
Symbolic Chains of Darkness
WHO? Dead Humans Humans who disobey Jesus & turn to Satan in the Kingdom’s final test;
Present Political & Religious Systems;
Death & HADES (in the end)
Fallen Angels
STATE Unconscious sleep Annihilated / Utterly destroyed Restricted & bound from becoming visible
FUTURE Resurrection No coming back!
Destruction is permanent / eternal.
Judgment by the Church

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