Fate of Adam & the Bad Guys

 Theme Text - I will RANSOM them from the power of SHEOL (Hosea 13:14)

1) We studied the actual meaning of the various words translated as hell in the Bible - Sheol/Hades, Gehenna and Tartaroo. We also read the history of how hell fire and eternal torment crept into Christianity. So where are the dead at present? Is there any hope for them?
There is a hell – SHEOL/HADES to which ALL our souls were condemned when Adam fell. That hell is the GRAVE.
But there is hope! God promised to RANSOM us from the power of the grave [SHEOL] (Hosea 13:14). He sent Jesus (John 3:16) to die in place of Adam. Jesus paid Adam’s RANSOM and paved the way for the resurrection of all of Adam (Rom 5:12,18).
Yes, Jesus is the RANSOM for ALL (1Tim 2:6). As in Adam ALL die, so in Christ ALL will be made alive (1Cor 15:22).
God raised Jesus from the dead
(Acts 13:30) and appointed him Lord over all (Luke 22:29, Isa 9:6).

2) Didn’t Jesus ascend to heaven promising to return to claim his Kingdom? What happens in the Kingdom?

  • When Jesus returns, ALL will come forth from the graves (John 5:28). His proven believers will get a special heavenly salvation (Rev 2:26, 1Tim 4:10). The rest of the unjust mankind would resurrect on earth to a krisis (Greek word mistranslated as damnation, but actually means trial) (John 5:29). Judgment includes a trial.
  • They’ll get a fair opportunity to learn righteousness (Isa 26:9) under the thousand-year reign of Jesus and his glorified Church. Satan will be kept bound (Rev 20:3) so that he won’t deceive anyone like he does today. This is the Kingdom Christians pray for- Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10).
    Note: Rev 20:5's spurious first part is not in original manuscripts, so it's shown within () in most bibles (Eg. NIV).

3) What about those who rebel even after learning truth and knowledge in the Kingdom?
At the end of the thousand years, Satan would be let loose for a little season to test mankind. Those who turn to his ways will get the penalty of complete destruction in GEHENNA (lake of fire), the picture of second death (Rev. 20:3,10; 21:8).
Yes, the souls that do not heed Jesus shall be utterly destroyed from among the people (Acts 3:23 NASB). Satan too would be killed (Rev 20:10).
But the obedient will live forever in peace on earth.

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