• Who's the God of All of Us?

    Who's the God of All of Us?

    Less than a third of mankind is classified Christian today. Islam is the fastest growing world religion. There are a billion Hindus who worship thousands of gods. Men follow a whole array of other religions as well. Atheist groups deny the existence of any God at all. So, who of all these is right? Read More
  • Good News?

    Good News?

    Why do people die? Was it supposed to be this way? Can mankind be saved from death? The Bible says, 'God is the Savior of ALL men, specially of those that believe' (1Tim 4:10 ASV). Does this mean everyone will get a free pass? And what exactly is this special salvation promised for present-day believers? Read More
  • A Hell of a Question

    A Hell of a Question

    Preachers warn from their pulpits – ‘If you don’t accept Christ as your Savior, you are condemned for your sins! When you die, you would be sent alive to hell to be tortured forever in raging fire!’ Does the Bible preach eternal torment? Read More
  • A Change of Mind

    A Change of Mind

    Why is mankind in an unjustified state? In Old Testament times, God gave Israel a set of rules called the Law Covenant. What was the deal there? How is that related to sin? Why did God provide the Old Testament if he knew there would be a New Testament? Read More
  • The Great Foundations

    The Great Foundations

    How do we know if someone is a true Christian? The Bible is huge. Can we really identify the essential foundations of the biblical Christian gospel? If someone differs in those foundational doctrines, could they still be a Christian? Read More
  • Follow me!

    Follow me!

    Jesus told his followers, ‘I have chosen you out of the world.’ John 15:19. He called them as his 'Church'. Today, many think of churches as buildings. What is the Church actually, according to the Bible? How does one become part of Jesus Christ’s Church? Read More
  • Share Christ's Sufferings

    Share Christ's Sufferings

    "We are co-heirs with Christ, if we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory." Romans 8:17. Sounds fair. We participate in Christ's sufferings so we might get a share in his glory. How can we partake in Cbrist's sufferings? Read More
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